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NEWS ARCHIV January/February 2009


February 2009


We are celebrating the 5th birthday of

CH Deloubelle Taza Icing On T´Cake, our sweet and lovely LEA ....

Congratulations to Lea and all her sisters and her brother
and especially greatings to sister Heidy and sister Tyra!


to his 12th birthday...

have a wonderful day and further on
a happy and healthy life!



We are celebrating the 8th birthday of

CH Wind against Scent-of-Fame, our beautiful TREVIN.....

I feel very lucky
to have found you...
and to spend my days
walking along with
you...and to make
my way knowing that
you are there for me,
too...and in case I
do not say it enough...

I love you.

Your mom!

Congratulations to Trevin and all his sisters and brothers
Alette, Lynn, Driftin, Treasure, Maloo, Miles and Kenzo...
to their 8 birthday...where is the time gone......
May you have all a wonderful day and further on
a healthy and happy life...!


MELVIN and Genevieve did very well at the shows arround Westminster...

Melvin "CH Scent-of-Fame Above the Clouds" was placed like followed:

Thursday: first in open dog, judge Dr. Goran Bodegard
Friday: second in open dog, judge Robert C. Cotes
Saturday (NUTMEG): fourth in open dog, judge Terry Chacon
Sunday (AHALI): second in open dog, judge Mrs Lee Canalizo

Needless to say we are very proud....

CONGRATULATIONS and way to go Melvin and Genevieve!

Thank you judges!



We want to share some new pictures of our beautiful Chanthani with now 11 1/2 years...

Klick on picture for more!



January 2009


CACIB Nürnberg

RAY "Scent-of-Fame Body N`Soul" did it again...

He won with 18 month

excellent 1, CAC, CACIB & BOB

under judge Mr. Robert Blümel/A!

Thank you Mr. Blümel for the nice report and judgement!

Thank you Mrs Heydrich for the stunning pictures!



JASON  "MCH Scent-of-Fame Arabian Nights"
was ranked on place 8
under the top 20 Afghan of the Year 2008 in Austria


GUCCI "Scent-of-Fame Blue Sapphire"
was ranked on place 7
under the top 10 Afghan Youth 2008 in Austria



International Show Innsbruck/Austria - Alpencup!
Judge: Mrs. E. Clerk/CH

RAY - Scent-of-Fame Body N`Soul

got excellent 1, CACA

GRACE - CH Scent-of-Fame Amazing Grace

shown in Champion class

got excellent 1 and her 3rd CACA in a row...!

JASON - MCH Scent-of-Fame Arabian Nights

shown in Champion class

got excellent 2, Res. CACA



Nationale Show Innsbruck/Austria - Alpencup
Judge: Mrs. D. Getzinger/A

RAY - Scent-of-Fame Body N`Soul,

for the first time shown in open class,

won excellent 1, CACA and BOB over specials!

GRACE - CH Scent-of-Fame Amazing Grace

shown in Champion class

won excellent 1, CACA

(Picture from the archiv!)

Thank you Mrs. D. Getzinger for such a wonderful judgement!


Our Youngsters GLENN & RAY are 18 month

Klick on pictures for more individual pics!


New pictures of Farah - MJCH Wind against Time of My Life
Mother of our A-Litter and now 6 3/4 years...

Klick on pictures for more individual pics!


New pictures of ARMANI "Scent-of-Fame A Black Tie Affair" - 3 1/2 years


Klick on picture for more individual pics!


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