Scent-of-Fame Afghan Hounds



Sisters and Brothers of Farah...

JCH Wind against Tango in the Night

Tango is owned and loved by our friends Monika and Heiko Hörper-Bürger.

Wind against Tailormade

Mac is owned by Mdm. Monique Reverand 
 Elevage Venkata Kennel, Bourge en Bresselives in France

Wind against Talk about Me

Ninette was owned and loved by Marie-Lore und Chris Keefe/F
She died 2004.

Wind against Twilight Zone

Owned and loved by Christine & Eckhard Fuhrmann/D
Co-Owned by Margit Moser/Wind against Kennel/F

Wind against That's My Girl

Owned  by Marie-France Stohner/F
Face is the proud mother of the Diamonds Day Kennel A-Litter

Wind against True Love

Flow is owned and loved by Ruth Hess/CH
Flow is a very good racer and CACIL Winner




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