Scent-of-Fame Afghan Hounds

Here we are!

Alexandra and Claus Schuetz

So all has begun!

Alex 1971 with 3 years
(Klick on the photo and you will be surprised ;-) )




Claus 1969 with 3 years

Alex, 9 years. With my first dog Tippy, a Cairn-Terrier.


Claus with 8 as a captain. 

Our ways crossed in a dancing shool 1984.
It was love at the first sight!
After the dancing classes we started in a Latinformation.
Later we danced Latin as a couple.

Here we arrived in the C-class.

We danced up to the highest class, than we had to stop, because we had not enough time beside the study!  Großansicht
10 years later (1994) we said
 "Yes" in Las Vegas!

Weddind Chappel-Treasure Island

Casino-Treasure Island

Großansicht Großansicht

To marry in Vegas is like a fairy tale! 


Wedding guests


Over the step!

A happy family!

Silvester 1999-2000

Now we started new hobbies.

My greatest passion are my dogs.
After the wedding our first Afghan (March 1995) came to us: Ghorayah! From this point on the passion was here for this fascinating and adorable breed .
Shows, racing, coursing, holidays - we are always together.

And since 2004 we have our own kennel and 2005 our first litter was born!

Claus does also make music by his own and has a little homestudio. He plays very beautiful guitar and had enchanted me 21 years ago with his music.
Here you can hear a little sample

Besides we love travelling and going on holidays or sitting at the computer, surfing, chatting or making some websites.

And "by the way" we have to
work beside ;-)

Oktoberfest 2000

Cloquet/USA 2005
20 Jahre

Great Love since 1984

...and one year later...

21 years great love ;-)

...and one more year later ;-)

22 years ...way to go ,-)))

Cape May/PA/USA

New York - Hudson River

Alex - Central Park/NY

Silvester 2006/2007

23 years...

Silvester 2007/2008

24 years...getting older ;-)

Septemper 2008

Silvester 2008/2009

25 years...back at that place, where we meet first.....
"Tanzstudio Schlegel/Nürnber"

26 years ánd 16 years married ;-)





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